ElectSolve to Provide Meter Data Management & Integration Services For American Municipal Power’s Advanced Metering Program

AMP to Host Advanced Metering Software & Manage Technology Deployment for Member Utilities

July 14, 2016 – ElectSolve Technology Solutions & Services, Inc., has been selected by American Municipal Power Inc. (AMP) to provide meter data management (MDM) and back office integration services for AMP’s large-scale advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) program, the company announced today. ElectSolve offers advanced meter data management solutions and technical services to public power utilities at a discount through its alliance with Hometown Connections, APPA’s utility services subsidiary.

AMP is a non-profit wholesale power supplier and services provider for 133 municipal electric utilities in nine states—Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland and Delaware. Collectively, AMP member systems serve more than 645,000 customers. In support of its membership, AMP will be hosting the AMI/MDM software and coordinating the deployment of advanced meters and two-way communications technology for its participating members’ electric and water customers. By offering advanced metering and Meter & Operational Data Management through a Software-as-a-Service program, AMP will help participating member utilities offer their customers the reliability, outage management, remote connect/disconnect and other “smart” benefits of AMI/MDM, while minimizing deployment risk and reducing the cost of ownership for the utilities.

ElectSolve will be providing Meter Data Management as a Service hosted by AMP. With this offering AMP members will have full Meter-to-Cash integration with their AMI offering as well as the opportunity to implement the full suite of uCentra™ analytics available, including a fully functional Customer Engagement Portal. The goal of the project is the make AMI, MDMS and other related back-office hosted services available as a managed service, to each member utility at a lower overall cost point resulting from hosting economies of scale. Aggregation of services, managed at a single point, will enable smaller utilities to participate and recognize the overall benefits of Smart Grid technologies but at a much lower cost compared to independently pursuing these technologies.

“While power supply remains our primary mission, AMP offers a wide variety of other services to help members provide top quality municipal utility services to their customers,” said Marc Gerken, AMP President/CEO. “AMP’s AMI program provides the economies of scale giving our members the opportunity to install state of the art technology with lower costs and reduced risk. As a Hometown Connections partner, ElectSolve understands the mission of public power and shares our goals.”

The AMP program will be under the oversight of Branndon Kelley, AMP’s CIO. The team will include:

  • 57 years of experience delivering and managing IT solutions
  • 28 years of experience in IT in an electric utility
  • 14 years of experience managing AMI

The program will offer the opportunity for member municipal utilities both large and small to take advantage of this advanced technology without the burden and cost of staffing and expertise.

“AMP’s new AMI program is designed to help our member communities maintain a high level of customer service and reliability. We selected ElectSolve as the best resource for operational data integration, consolidation and management because its uCentra™software interfaces with over 50 of the most common 3rd party vendor solutions used by public power utilities and provides a centralized, comprehensive, easy-to-understand solution for managing all utility data,” said Branndon Kelley, AMP CIO.