There’s no shortage of utility information systems to choose from: CIS, MDM, OMS, GIS, SCADA and more. But a major roadblock is enabling these systems to share data. Databroker™ from ElectSolve solves this problem once and for all. Databroker™ provides a standalone interoperability platform that helps to simplify the linking of data from billing, metering, and other systems to improve utility performance. Databroker™ allows various utility information systems to share data by managing data integration across the enterprise. ElectSolve is a marketing partner of Hometown Connections.

Innovations from Industry Leader in Operational Data Management Solutions

ElectSolve is a full service provider of technical services, consulting, and advanced data management solutions for public power. ElectSolve’s Databroker™ advantages include:

  • Vendor neutral standalone interoperability platform for system integration
  • Message brokering to regulate data flow between systems
  • Central management and control that is transparent to users
  • Reduces complexity and challenges associated with point-to point-integration
  • Eliminates need for custom integration between different systems
  • All requests and responses are logged and can be reviewed easily when errors occur
  • Deployable as standalone integration platform or as part of broader MDM deployment supporting AMI “meter-to-cash” functions and data analytics

Even if a vendor supports a software interoperability standard such as MultiSpeak® or CIM, typically it doesn’t support all variations developed by other vendors; but Databroker™ does.

The Databroker™ Integration and Interoperability Framework delivers true enterprise integration and supports Service Oriented Architecture, including the web service brokering and auditing functions that make on-boarding web services much easier for small to medium-sized utilities.